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    A famous professor visited Curaway

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       伽奈维领导向该教授详细介绍了公司整体发展情况, 研发负责人介绍了公司在研产品的进展,就肿瘤微创的趋势以及新的技术发展,和教授一行展开讨论。会后,饶有兴趣的参观了公司的研发实验室以及生产车间。

       该教授肯定了公司的发展方向,希望公司把高质量的肿瘤微创产品推向市场, 减轻患者负担,同时加快穿刺智能产品的研发,更好的造福肿瘤患者。

    Recently, a famous professor in the field of minimally invasive diagnosis and treatment in China was invited to visit the company.

    The leader of Ganevi introduced the overall development of the company to the professor in detail, the research and development leader introduced the progress of the company's products in the research, discussed the trend of minimally invasive cancer and the development of new technologies with the professor.After the meeting, I visited the r&d laboratory and production workshop of the company with great interest.

    The professor affirmed the development direction of the company and hoped that the company could bring high-quality minimally invasive tumor products to the market to reduce the burden on patients and accelerate the research and development of smart puncture products to better benefit cancer patients.


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